General Props


This section offers a selection of props suitable for various themed events and parties.

The sizes listed are the most popular and are also available larger if requested.

Props are created using EPS.

If you are organising a themed event, wedding or shop display such as

Willy Wonka, please see our ‘Bundles & Package’ section.

Please refer to ‘Delivery Info’ for p/p costs

Ice Cream 2

Ice Cream

Sold in pairs only


Approx 2ft in height/2inches thick

The Ice Creams will be supplied with a hook for hanging


Cup Cake 15 inch

Cup Cake

Sold in pairs only


Approx 15inch width/2inches thick

The Cup Cakes will be supplied with a hook for hanging


Willy Wonka Ticket

Golden Ticket


Approx 11x24inches/2inches thick

Standard wording as image or personalised





Prop standee styled on the Olaf character from the movie Frozen.

Approx 3ft in height/self standing


Toadstools-Mushrooms 1


Set of 3


Tallest mushroom of the set stands approx 2ft high.

Coated making them suitable for outdoor use.

These props are not strong enough to be sat on




0 – 9

15inches tall/2inches thick – £16.00 per number

24inches tall/2inches thick – £24.00 per number

Larger numbers available on request

These items are suitable for hanging only & supplied with hooks attached to the top of each

Solid glitter applied all over and have superb sparkle